Led-Stirnlampen Trademark Use Guidelines

Led-Stirnlampen Trademark Use Guidelines

These Trademark Use Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are for Led-Stirnlampen licensees, partners, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and other parties wishing to use Led-Stirnlampen’s trademarks, service marks or images. The Guidelines set forth the rules for using or referring to the trademarks and service owned by Led-Stirnlampen Corporation or its affiliates (“Led-Stirnlampen”). For the purposes of these Guidelines, “Led-Stirnlampen Trademark(s)” shall include all registered or unregistered trademarks, logos, and service marks owned by Led-Stirnlampen.

Led-Stirnlampen values its intellectual property and will take all appropriate measures to preserve the strength of and retain its exclusive rights to use its marks. If you learn of any uses of any logos, icons, or images that are confusingly similar to the Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks or violate the following guidelines, please notify Led-Stirnlampen by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. If possible, please provide a sample copy of violation and the violation’s location.

Led-Stirnlampen reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time. You should periodically check these guidelines to be sure that you are in compliance.

If you have any questions about the Guidelines, please direct them to [email protected].

These guidelines apply to Led-Stirnlampen’s trademarks for Led-Stirnlampen, Led-Stirnlampen EpicNG, Led-StirnlampenOne, Led-StirnlampenOne Flex, and Led-StirnlampenOne Prism.

  • Do not use Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks to represent yourself, your company, or your products and/or services. This includes domain names and social media profiles. 
  • Do not use Led-Stirnlampen trademarks in false or misleading advertising.
  • Do not use Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks in objectionable material.
  • Do not use Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks to disparage Led-Stirnlampen.
  • Do not use the Led-Stirnlampen logos without the core Led-Stirnlampen Trademark. Example here.
  • Any use of the Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks should only use artwork provided by Led-Stirnlampen.
  • Do not alter Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks as provided to you in any manner, including proportions, colors, elements, typeface, or in any other respect.

Permissible Uses of Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks

  • Use Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks to refer to Led-Stirnlampen’s products or services. Such as:
    • By credentialed members of the press in journalistic works.
  • Use Led-Stirnlampen Trademarks to indicate a relationship to Led-Stirnlampen services or products. Such as:
    • Advertising, marketing collateral, or a website that references your connection with Led-Stirnlampen (e.g., the material states that you are an authorized reseller of Led-Stirnlampen solutions and services, your network incorporates Led-Stirnlampen’s solutions or services or a partner of Led-Stirnlampen) provided that the area in which the Led-Stirnlampen logo is used includes the corporate logo of at least one other company with which you have a similar relationship.
  • Licensed uses, as permitted by the license.